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Infrared Sauna Technology

What is infrared & how does it work?

Invisible light energy is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and this light occurs in nature as a component of sunlight. With a wavelength longer than visible light, infrared light cannot be seen, but its energy can be felt as heat.

In saunas, infrared light produces a soothing, penetrating heat that can permeate deeper into the body compared to the heat from traditional saunas. This heat possesses many heat benefits, ranging from muscle relaxation to inflammation reduction.

Infrared Health Benefits

In addition to being a great venue for relaxation, infrared saunas offer a variety of health benefits.

Muscle Pain

Relieving Muscle Pain

Regular use of infrared saunas increases blood flow and may temporarrily relief muscle pain.



Sweating triggered by infrared saunas could promote radiant skin by eliminating deep-seated impurities and exfoliate.


Increasing Heart Health

Infrared sauna therapy can assist in maintaining health blood pressure and levels and reduce cholesterol.



By stimulating sweat glands, infrared saunas release the body’s built-up toxins.

Weight Loss

Assisting Weight Loss

As infrared heat induces sweating and increases blood flow, it boosts the user’s metabolism and burns calories.


Improving Sleep Quality

Infrared sauna usage can lead to longer and higher quality sleep by calming one’s body and mental state.

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