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  • What is an infrared sauna?
    Infrared saunas are saunas that have recently became more popular in the wellness community. Rather than using steam or hot stones, they produce far infrared heat through infrared light, which is the same heat produced as the sun and our bodies. Such direct body heating offers deeper skin penetration and greater health benefits compared to traditional saunas.
  • What is the difference between infrared and traditional saunas?
    While traditional saunas heat the air in the sauna, infrared saunas mimics sunlight to heat the body. This allows deeper penetration into the body, which offers greater health benefits. Infrared sauna also makes the sauna experience more accessible to people who have difficulty breathing in hot air. Additionally, infrared saunas use less energy than traditional saunas, making them both cost-efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Are infrared saunas safe to use?
    While there are great benefits that infrared saunas offer, it is recommended to start with shorter sessions. An advised usage frequency for routine users is 30-45 minute sessions for 3-4 times a week. Before getting into an infrared sauna, it is also recommended to avoid alcohol and stay hydrated. Generally, infrared saunas are safe and beneficial, but they may not be suitable for everyone. For the elderly, minors, pregnant women, and people taking medications or having medical conditions, it is recommended to reach out to their physician prior to using infrared saunas.
  • What is low EMF and why is it important?
    Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are energy waves, or forces comprised of both electric and magnetic fields. They are produced by many appliances we use everyday — everything from microwaves to hair dryers produce varying levels of EMFs. Additionally, the level of EMFs that one is exposed to is dependent on the distance between the appliance and the subject. While science has not found any direct links between typical EMF exposure and negative health effects, some have expressed concern regarding the long-term effects of EMFs on the human body. For this reason, all Jingliving saunas have low-EMF heaters — when measured directly on top of our heaters, our EMF meter detects an EMF level of around 2.5 mG. For reference, a television has an EMF level of 10-80 mG when measured at 6 inches away.
  • Does the sauna produce steam?
    No. This is an infrared sauna that has dry heat instead of steam. Infrared heat can penetrate deeper into the skin for further health benefits!
  • Is special ventilation needed for this sauna to work in a bathroom?
    No need!
  • Are all the heaters carbon?
    Yes! They are all carbon heaters.
  • As an indoor sauna, can it be used in a garage?
    Yes! The sauna can be placed anywhere as long as it is protected from rainfall and excessive sunlight.
  • Does the sauna have a floor heater?
    Yes! There is a floor heater.
  • Does the sauna require a minimum open-air space on the side, rear, and top?
  • My sauna's heaters are not heating properly. What should I do?
    Per our experience, over 99% of such issues are caused by loose wires. We are willing to provide direct customer support and instruct you on how to secure the wires. To reach us, please email
  • How hot does the sauna get?
    Under ideal conditions, the sauna can reach 150 Fahrenheit. However, under lower environment temperature, the sauna might have a maximum temperature of anywhere between 140 and 150 Fahrenheit. To help the sauna reach its highest temperature in a colder environment, we suggest you preheat the sauna by setting the temperature to 150 Fahrenheit for 90 minutes and not open the sauna door during that time.

Component Replacement Instructions

Is something wrong with your sauna? Don't worry! All key components of our sauna are designed to be easily replaceable.

Heater Replacement

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Control Box Replacement

Control Panel Replacement

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